If you’re considering getting a divorce, then your mind perhaps has already drifted to alimony. Alimony conjures up feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and financial woes. As divorce lawyers at Lopez & Wilmert, we understand the stress of worrying about all of the factors that go into getting divorced. Not only do you have to consider dividing up all of your assets together, but you need to think about alimony and child support. At our law firm, we’re able to help you through each of these facets. Our focus areas are in divorce, custody, child support, move-away orders, and paternity. We make figuring out your future after your divorce simple when you decide on Lopez & Wilmert.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony is when you either receive or pay money to your ex-spouse. Alimony isn’t just a husband making court-ordered payments to a wife after a divorce. A wife can also be the one to make payments to a husband as well. Basically, alimony is supporting and maintaining your spouse financially. There are many different factors that go into alimony payments, which is what we’re going to touch upon below.