Get the time you want with your children.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, a separation, or were never married and share a child with your partner, knowing the proper custody rights can be very tricky. Depending on their ages, children often feel as if they are at fault during these difficult times and fall victim to neglect and oversight.

Our goal at Lopez & Wilmert, LLP is to make your child or children our main priority and ensure that their best interests, as well as your own, are kept at the forefront of the case at all times. It’s best if you can reach an agreement with your spouse about your custody arrangements; however, if this cannot be done, our child custody lawyers are here to help you.

In child custody battles, it can be hard to make your needs and wants a secondary factor, and it’s important to remember that your children are who matter most. Their best interests and needs may not match your desirable outcome, but it’s essential that they receive the best care and guardianship now and in the future.

Always Keeping the Child’s Best Interests in Mind

Our custody lawyers can help you build a child custody case against your partner, forming an arrangement that benefits not only you but your child as well. Our goal is to help you understand all of your options and compassionately guide you toward a decision about what is best for your family now and in the future.

At Lopez & Wilmert, our family lawyers strive to help you make a responsible parenting decision so your children have what they need physically and emotionally. For your free initial consultation, contact us today.