A Different Approach to Family Law

When our law firm opened in 2011, we set out on the mission to be quite different than your typical family law attorneys. With years of experience, our highly-qualified team made ‘commitment to change’ our valued mission statement.

Unlike many other firms, our family lawyers will never cheat you out of money and leave you in the dark until the end, when you finally find out the expensive cost of services. Our goal is to work with you to build a trusting relationship by charging a one-time, flat rate fee and honoring you as our client.

We are devoted to you and your case, paying a great amount of detail to what matters to you. It is important to us that you feel comfortable calling us anytime you need, asking questions, and knowing everything that we do with regards to your particular case.

When life happens, we will be there.

Our family law firm deals with all of the challenges that can happen in your life when you least expect them to. We know that life happens; it may not always seem to play out in your favor, which is why you can trust us to defend you when it comes to dealing with the loss of relatives, incapacity of elderly relatives, children who have lost their parents, or the collapse of a family during a divorce. Although all of our family lawyers specialize in their specific areas of practice, we all work together and collaborate on the case to keep the focus on what matters most during these difficult times: you.

We believe that by being approachable and personable, we set the proper tone for our clients to feel comfortable while also feeling confident in our ability to defend them. If you need a family law attorney that you can trust, contact us today.