1. Domestic Adoption Versus International Adoption

    You crave to hear the tiny pitter-patter sounds of little feet running around your home. You’ve tried for years with your significant other and nothing seems to work. From in vitro fertilization to downloading ovulating apps to track your cycle, nothing seems to work for you and your spouse. All you’ve ever wanted was a child. A child who could look at you adoringly, who builds sand castles wi…Read More

  2. The Factors That Can Impact Child Custody And Visitation

    Did you know there are certain factors that can impact your visitation or being rewarded custody of your child? If you are trying to get custody of your child, you should know that everything in your past and in your life currently is taken into account of whether you’ll be granted child custody and visitation. If you are going through a custody battle, then take the time to talk to a family law…Read More

  3. How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce

    Divorce. The word alone can bring up a lot of turmoil and sore subjects for a majority of people who have gone through it. If you’re currently going through a divorce, then you probably have a foul taste in your mouth at the mere mention of the word. Divorce can drain you both emotionally and financially. If you have children in the mix, then you’re liable to have a tiresome custody battle as …Read More

  4. Why You Need A Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce has become more and more common in our society. At least one in two couples find their way to a divorce in the United States. If you’re looking to divorce your spouse or gain more information about it, it’s always a good idea to come to a divorce lawyer instead of reading about divorce in a book or going to Wikipedia for information. If you want to get a divorce, then a divorce lawyer …Read More

  5. What You Need To Know About Paternity Tests

    In our last blog, we went over What Should You Do If You’re Served With Paternity Papers. If you’ve been served with paternity papers, you’re probably very afraid of what the outcome will be. It can be scary to find out you have a child out in the world that you didn’t know about. If you are in need of hiring a family lawyer to help you through this transition in your life and to ensure yo…Read More

  6. What Should You Do If You’re Served With Paternity Papers

    So, you got served with paternity papers and you have no idea what to do next. You’re afraid, feel guilty, and a knot has formed in the pit of your stomach as you try to figure out what your next steps will be as you navigate the murky waters of possibly having a child out there in the world. You have no idea what to do once those papers are served, which is what brought you to us. At Lopez &…Read More

  7. Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer

    Are you going through a divorce or gearing up to go through one? Our divorce lawyers at Lopez & Wilmert LLP, can help you make some of the most important decisions for your divorce. The first step toward having a successful divorce is to hire a professional divorce lawyer who can help you toward obtaining what you want out of the divorce. If there are children involved and you’re worried abo…Read More

  8. The Best Interests Of The Child

    If you have children and you’re going through a divorce, it can be difficult to navigate the process and know what to expect for you and your child or children. Divorce and child custody battles are two of the hardest procedures to overcome and go through. It’s a drawn out tumultuous process for all parties involved. If you’re gearing up to go through a divorce or a custody battle, make sure…Read More

  9. How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Divorce Lawyer For You

    Divorce is a tricky situation to navigate. Some divorces are easier than others to go through, while others can be filled with struggles and hurdles to overcome. When you look for a divorce lawyer you want to make sure that your divorce lawyer has your best interests at heart and is able to determine your needs. When you are looking for a divorce lawyer you want to make sure your needs matches up …Read More

  10. How To Choose The Best Divorce Lawyer For You

    Are you gearing up to go through a divorce? Has your partner asked you for a divorce? Are you considering asking your partner for a divorce? Are you in need of a divorce lawyer? If you answered ‘yes’ to these four questions, then Lopez & Wilmert, LLP can aid you in this difficult process. Coming to terms with the fact that you want a divorce is difficult, but sometimes it’s best for both…Read More