Protect your rights.

Whether you had an argument that got out of hand or threw a harmful object out of rage, if police are called to the scene of the crime, it’s probable that one of the two people involved will be taken to jail and charged with domestic violence.

Being the victim of a domestic violence case should never be taken lightly. At Lopez & Wilmert, LLP, we take your case very seriously and fight for what you deserve in the outcome of your case. No matter what the circumstances are, the goal of our domestic violence lawyers is to protect your rights and represent your needs throughout your case.

You should never have to feel as if you are in harm’s way, no matter where you are. Our goal is to protect your rights and provide you with the reassurance that you need to know you’re going to be safe in the future.

At Lopez & Wilmert, LLP, we represent both sides.

As the victim of a domestic violence case, there is usually a clear cut solution, but what happens if you are the one who is wrongly charged with the assault? If you have been charged with domestic violence, legal help through experienced representation will be important.

Legally, police officers have to arrest someone at the scene of the crime when it concerns domestic violence; because of this, there can be very serious consequences. Whether you meant to be violent or not, you deserve fair representation for your case, and our family lawyers can provide that.

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