Relocation is not as simple as it sounds.

If you have gone through a divorce and have a custody order put in place, you may think that the hard part is behind you, but what happens if you share custody with your former spouse and one of you decides to relocate? Even worse, what happens if either you or your partner refuses to let the move take place?

Relocation cases are some of the most emotionally-challenging times for families, and it is our goal to help this process go as smoothly and simply as possible.

Moving away when children are involved is a complex decision that has to be approved by the courts. The court will take into consideration your child’s age, both parents’ involvement in the parenting, and ultimately decide what is going to be best for the child. At Lopez & Wilmert, LLP the goal of our experienced family lawyers is to help you obtain the necessary documentation and guide you through the process.

Get the right family law attorney on your side.

We understand that the thought of your children leaving or not being able to come with you is scary. You are trying your best to provide for them; we strive to help you make your point in court and work with you through this very difficult situation.

Depending on the specific details of your individual case, a court will make a judgment based on where your child will get the best care. We are on your side and want to help you make your point. Whether you’re trying to move or are trying to stop your former spouse from moving, you can trust our family law firm to be there for you.

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