Protect your child for the future.

Going through a divorce is already a very high-stress situation, not only for you and your spouse but for your children as well. Once custody has been determined, you may feel as if there are still many unanswered questions and problems.

Many individuals think they know exactly what resources are necessary to care for their children, but you may find that your former spouse and the judge disagree with you. When it comes to child support, you can count on Lopez & Wilmert, LLP to help you try to get what is rightly owed to you.

Trust our child support lawyers with your case.

You may not understand all there is to know about child support, but lucky for you, our experienced family lawyers are on your side. We believe in working with our clients to build a trusting relationship, making you confident in all that we are able to do.

Depending on the details of your specific child support case, we’ll help you determine how much child support your situation deserves and how that money will be paid to you. Your partner is held responsible for giving you the exact amount determined in court, and failure to do so at any time gives you the right to testify to the wrongdoing.

Never put off getting the representation you deserve when it comes to your children and the support that’s necessary for you to raise them. Contact us today to connect with an experienced family attorney.


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