dreamstime_xxl_7758628Adoption is a beautiful and joyous decision for both parents and children. There are many different kinds of adoption ranging from domestic, international, stepparent, and adult adoption. No matter the type of adoption you want to do, it can bring a lot of joy to many different people. If you’re a couple who is unable to conceive a baby, if you want to give a child without a home a good life, or you want to call a child yours by name even if it’s not yours by blood, we can help you. Whatever the reason you and your spouse have for adopting, it’s a very meaningful decision that will change your life and the child’s life. Lopez & Wilmert, LLP is a law firm that specializes in family law in La Mesa, CA. If you are looking for a family law attorney, then contact us today. To find out more about adopting, read below.

Adopting is a serious decision. Once you’ve started the process, it can take a bit longer than you think. Depending on the type of adoption you decide on, it can take six months to a year. To even be considered for adoption, you have to be approved after a family assessment. Each state is different, and in the state of California you need to go through a process to ensure you are able to be considered to adopt a child. There are many forms you have to fill out and information you need to provide to ensure you’re the best fit.

Different Types Of Adopting

Below are a few different types of adoption to consider if you are interested in adopting a child.

Domestic Adoption

The majority of adoptions that occur in California are children that are born domestically, specifically in California. Domestic adoption can be done independently or through an agency. If you do an independent adoption, it is arranged by an adoption lawyer. Usually, the identity of the birth parents and the adoptive ones are revealed. In California, the birth mother is required to select the adoptive parents when an independent adoption takes place. She is unable to have another person make that decision. If you are interested in an agency, there are two types: private and public.

International Adoption

International adoption occurs when you adopt from another country. This process is very different than domestic adoption because of the international complications. Depending on the country you decide to adopt from, you need to follow the legal adoption requirements for that country. Some countries have well-established adoption rules, such as China and South Korea, but others are more strict on who can adopt from their country.

Stepparent Adoption

This adoption is different than the other two because you don’t have to have a home visit. Instead, there is a six-month evaluation before the final decision is made, and there is a fee. The parent giving up the rights has to consent to the decision, and there are many forms that have to be filled out. Stepparent adoption is a great decision because it shows the importance of being a part of the family. The parents have their rights, and everyone involved consents to the decision.

Adult Adoption

Adult adoption is rarely heard of. It’s when a person would like to become the lawful child of another person. It is a mutual situation and requires no birth parent consent or home study.

Contacting A Lawyer

Contacting an adoption lawyer is very important when you want to build your family. An adoption lawyer will be sure to process the finalized decision in the proper manner and will help you complete your family. Adoptions can take a lot of work, but with a trusted and capable lawyer you are able to create the family you and your loved one have always wanted. By working with Lopez & Wilmert, you will be able to have a satisfying and fulfilling adoption process from start to finish. No matter your reason for adopting, Lopez & Wilmert will help you welcome a child into your home.

lopez&wilmert1To learn more about adoption, contact one of our family lawyers today. We will help you with the legal process of family law and welcome a new member into your family.